Mr. Dirk van Bavel


  • Total Hip Replacement

    Mr van Bavel will be running the upcoming Argo Exeter Hip course in Melbourne. The Exeter hip replacement is a the most commonly used hip replacement in Australia and has almost 50 years of clinical data supporting it including many studies showing minimal failures at long term follow up.

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  • Robotic Assisted Joint Replacement – an Overview

    Mr van Bavel has been invited to attend the “MAKO masters” meeting for surgeons experienced in robotic joint replacement surgeons. Many of the worlds leading Robotic surgeons will be attending for an update on clinical research and best practice of robotic joint replacement. All of the MHK surgeons are trained in robotic joint replacement surgey.

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  • Exercise is important for everyone and can help fight various medical conditions such as arthritis.

    Growing up, I hated doing any form of sport.
    In primary school, I remember the indignity of standing in a line as my peers chose their teams, desperately hoping to not be last (I always was). Then there was high school and the uncomfortable feeling of the boys in our PE class comparing us all in our gym gear.

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  • The robot farm is here and food may never be the same

    As rich countries welcome autonomous cars, trucks and boats onto their roads and waterways, the developing world is grappling with a humbler revolution: automated farming. What was once the world's most labour-intensive profession may be soon run by smartphones. And that could change agriculture as profoundly as mechanisation did last century.

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  • Age highlights the increasing use of AI and new technology in medicine. At MHK we believe in these new technologies and have embraced robotic surgery as part of the future.

    Can’t imagine telling your symptoms to a robot doctor and then following its advice?
    Britain’s National Health Service is trialling a chatbot that gives advice on how urgent your condition might be. If the chatbot decides you’re sick enough, it might put you through to a virtual doctor via your smartphone video. Wait time only six minutes.

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