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  • How to fall off a bicycle without injuring yourself

    We are all into injury prevention so I thought this was an interesting article for cyclists.

    During stage nine of this year's Tour de France, yellow-jersey hopeful Richie Porte lost control of his bicycle during a high-speed descent of Mont du Chat, careering across the tarmac at around 47mph and smashing into solid banking by the side of the road. Porte was then hit by fellow racer Dan Martin, who was powerless to avoid the stricken cyclist.

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  • Steroid injections, physio and fish oils: what really works for painful knees?

    Here are some of the more common questions about knee problems answered in one newspaper article.

    Our knees are a marvel of engineering. They take quite a battering over the course of a lifetime, especially an active one; knees bear our full weight when we’re standing, with extra force when we run

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  • From golden lattes to wonder drug – is turmeric really such a super spice?

    Some People looking for alternative treatments for arthritis have started taking turmeric. Here is an article discussing its possible benefits.

    In the first of a new series about en vogue ingredients and culinary trends, Felicity Cloake examines why the golden spice is being seen as a modern-day miracle food

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  • Medial Knee replacement

    A recently published randomized controlled study showed “In the treatment of end-stage medial compartment knee osteoarthritis, unicompartmental knee arthroplasty was associated with significantly higher function and satisfaction over a 1-year follow-up when compared to total knee arthroplasty. “

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  • Exercise program participation linked with reduced pain in patients with knee OA

    Exercise is good for your hear and general health but this recent research shows it can also reduce the pain from your arthritis.

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