Mr. Dirk van Bavel

About my operation

When is the right time for surgery?

This will very much depend on what your symptoms are. Most orthopaedic problems won’t kill you but are painful, Minor aches and pains are part of life but when symptoms are interfering with your desired lifestyle and making you miserable its time to seek help.

Discuss with your GP your problem and take their advice.

Is there anything I can do instead of an operation?

Are there any risks to having an operation?

How much will it cost?

The cost to you will depend on what your health insurance will cover and what policy you have please speak to our receptionist for a quote for your operation.

How long will I be in hospital

This depends on your operation and you. Normally for an arthroscope you will leave on the same day, after and ACL reconstruction the next day but for a joint replacement you may be in hospital from between 3 and 7 days.

Normal activities

When you leave hospital we aim to have you walking but you might need a gait aid for support. Your physiotherapist can guide you as to how quickly you can resume normal activities such as driving and sport.


To be able to work you need to be able to get there and then get around work. Are there stairs ? do you have to walk a long way ? are you on your feet all day or is there room to stretch your leg at your desk ? These will all decide when you are safe to return to work.

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