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  • Likelihood of ACL graft rupture: not meeting six clinical discharge criteria before return to sport is associated with a four times greater risk of rupture

    While how your ACL reconstruction is performed is vital, we also know how you rehabilitate is also important. Its not just a matter of a few exercises and a bit of running. A full rehabilitation program ( normally supervised by a physiotherapist) is your best chance of a succesful return to sporting activities. here this […]

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  • Obese patients and smokers banned from routine surgery in ‘most severe ever’ rationing in the NHS

    We all know that smoking and obesity are associated with increased risks with surgery but the British government has gone one step further to effectively ban these patients from surgery. In the past Australian Health policy has followed the UK lead so keep an eye out for this in the future. Read More  

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  • Whats happening with your health insurance ??

    We all know costs are rising but here is the reason and the consequences.

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  • Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) Reconstruction

    This recent journal article is very interesting it shows that patients treated with Anterior Cruciate Ligament reconstruction (ACLR) had a significantly lower risk of secondary meniscal tears, arthritis, and Knee replacement when compared with patients treated nonoperatively after ACL tears. Similarly, early ACLR offered greater protection in reducing the risk of subsequent meniscal tears and […]

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  • Robotic Partial Knee surgery.

    Although robotic partial knee surgery is relatively new there are already some promising results from overseas research. Research has shown a lower revision (redo) rate as well as better pain and functional scores than traditional techniques in short term follow up studies. Mr van Bavel is now performing Robotically assisted partial knee replacement surgery. Read […]

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